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In order to participate in interscholastic sports at the middle school and high school level, the State of Michigan requires every student to undergo a yearly sports physical.  State law mandates that for a physical to be acceptable for any academic year, it must be completed no earlier than April 15th (Spring) of the previous school year.  (For example, for the 2015-2016 academic year, physicals must be done on or after April 15th of 2015.)  Many schools offer screenings that are done “en mass” that satisfy the State’s requirements.
At Pediatrics, PC we don’t see the Sports Physical as something less than the well child care we already offer.  Sports Physicals require EXTRA screening questions in an attempt to identify areas of risk your child athlete may have.  We welcome this opportunity to see your child, review their immunization status, review the sports history questionnaire, perform a physical exam, and counsel your child on how to reduce their risk for injury and promote healthy lifestyle choices.

School Specific forms are available through each institution and we have commonly accepted forms available on our website if you need a copy (because we all know our children would never wait to tell us the day before practice starts that they wish to participate and need an exam by tomorrow).  The screening questions on the sports physical forms should be filled out prior to the exam.  This will help to decrease your wait time in the room.
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